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Operator for functions in PHP

+1 vote

What is the "->" operator for functions called?

At the bottom of PHP: Operators - Manual ( is the note:

"The -> operator, not listed above, is called "object operator" (T_OBJECT_OPERATOR)."

It has been down-voted 81 times. Is that because the operator is not called the "object operator"? Or is it because the note says that the operator is not listed?

I apologize if my criticism is not appropriate, but the operator is not properly documented. The "->" operator should be listed among the other PHP operators and there should be documentation of it.

The C++ standard calls the "." and "->" operators the "dot" and "arrow" operators, correspondingly. For example, see "5.2.4 Pseudo destructor call" in:
That is the latest draft of the newest C++ standard.

PHP can call its "->" operator whatever the designers decide, but there should be a definition to eliminate the confusion of different names depending on personal preference. A book I am reading calls the operator the "arrow operator". Is it called the object operator (as implied by the tag) or the arrow operator or something else?

posted Dec 19, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

There is a difference between a token and an operator, I think people usually confuse the two. The -> is a parser token, indeed called the T_OBJECT_OPERATOR (not sure why that comment was downvoted).

Here is a complete list of PHP's parser tokens:

answer Dec 19, 2016 by Gurminder
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