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Unable to login as user with su command in linux

0 votes

1.If a user want to login with user-id like given below in example,(other than root),then where to make changes?
If I put this question in other way
2.I can login as root but not with my ID(throwing error "Unknow id:")as given below, then where and what to make some changes?

su joydutta
Unknown id: joydutta

posted Dec 19, 2016 by Joy Dutta

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I dont know much about your system ie which linux and what are the conditions etc. Also second statement is not clear i.e. 'from any machine I can login'

But best guess would be it is something related with the /etc/passwd file or if issue with SSH only then look for /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Else please provide more information so that people can understand it fully...

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Also, I do not have a way to upgrade to Centos 7 because
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