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How harq feedback is considred by eNB in measurement-gap?

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We as eNB dont receive harq-feedback in measurement-gap period. Threfore will UE send the harq-feedback in next subframe?

posted Dec 6, 2016 by Sneha Maganahalli

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1 Answer

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No , in-case of DL transmission Enb has to make sure that DL & UL transfer and measurement gap is not colliding , same way before 4 Sf ENB can stop transmitting data so that it wont collide.

If suppose UL TB scheduled near to measurement gap (within 4 SF before measurement gap)then If UE not received HARQ feedback from ENb because of measurement gap then UE treat that transmitted TB as ACK and waits for the next DCI0 to decide whether to do new-tx or retx.

answer Dec 6, 2016 by Jaganathan
means, from ndi bit in next dci0 we will come to know that it is transmission or retransmission. And if its retransmission it will use that grant to do retransmission else it ll be new transmission. am i right?
Yes, based on the NDI bit UE will decide. and UE will use grant which is given in new DCI0 .
Very good question as well as Jaganathan answered well.
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