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LTE: Please explain SC-FDMA and OFDMA in detail

0 votes

Please explain SC-FDMA and OFDMA in detail

posted Dec 4, 2016 by anonymous

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+1 vote

PAPR is the major disadventage of OFDMA which require high resolution D/A and A/D or increasing Transmission Power.
I know that SC-FDMA used on Uplink becuase it has lower PAPR than OFDMA. On downlink direction, the high PAPR Problem of OFDMA solved by increasing eNB transmission power. This solution cannot be implemented on Uplink direction because UL is power limited link. so SC-FDMA used on UL instead of OFDMA, but why? why SC-FDMA has LOWER PAPR

+2 votes

SC-FDMA is kind of a variant of OFDMA so I wanted to know is it practically possible to deploy SC-FDMA for multiple access in downlink in LTE-A and what will be the negatives of deploying SC-FDMA for downlink instead of OFDMA?

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