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Issue with SVN repository after restoring backup.

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I am using subversion (version 1.9.4 (r1740329)) on centos 6..6
have created empty repository. and restored backup (hotcopy)
after restoring backup I am getting following error

Cant read file /svn/test/db/uuid: End of file found

tried searching for such errors but searches found refer to db/current or db/txn-current
I can not use any option svnadmin setuuid or svnlook uuid

How to resolve this issue ?

posted Nov 30, 2016 by anonymous

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Migrated and loaded the users repositories in the new SVN server. I could able to access those repositories. Created users, but could not able to access those repository, login is not accepting and it prompts continuously.

We are using Tortoise SVN as front end GUI. Kindly assist me on this.

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I've just had SVN crash. I'm working on a fairly large repository (probably around 60gb or so) and was in the process of checking it out. The HDD ran out of space, which caused SVN to stop gracefully. After calling svn clean up, I called svn up, got a handful of files and then it crashed.

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I would like to use Git with a SVN, so I try to clone the SVN repo with "git svn clone svn://myserver", it is a repo without trunk etc. Git reports the error "Couldn't find a repository". The SVN repo uses an authentification (username & password) and a normalsvn checkout works well.
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I am confused on how to backup my repositary. There is an /export/svn directory that holds all the projects directories, hook, format lock, db etc... its about 14 GB

I did do a svnadmin dump /export/svn > /test/file.dump

and I get a very small file, I restored it and it consists of hook, format, lock, db, conf and its about 304 KB
What am I doing wrong?

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