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What trend telecom companies are following for 5G implementation ?

+2 votes

I am not able to make out what things are considered to implement as part of 5G and what is the exact definition/features/limitation of 5G. Is there any reference by which I can make out what 5G is giving in terms of features compare to 4G network ?

posted Nov 19, 2016 by Harshita

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What is the use of pdcch-ConfigSIB1 in MIB of 5G?

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WHat is the following statement means in 5G spec 38.300?

On the link which is not responsible for UL PDCP PDUs transmission,the RLC layer only transmits corresponding ARQ feedback for the DL data.

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drx-HARQ-RTT-TimerDL , drx-HARQ-RTT-TimerUL. How ever any one of this enough to say RTT right?