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LTE: How the different set of keys are generated to receive the security protected MBMS services ?

+1 vote

I'm aware about LTE key derivation for NAS and AS. I am curious to know how keys are generated for the security protected MBMS services.

posted Oct 24, 2016 by Rupam

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Data transmitted through the dedicated bearer is encrypted and it is done by eNodeB before sending data over the air. MBMS data comes from MBMS-GW and it does not pass to PDCP layer. Now I want to know whether MBMS data is being encrypted or not. If yes then which network node do this and how it is enabled between UE and network ?

+2 votes

I have bit confusion in MCE and BMSC in the context of deciding boundary of MBMS service area.

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I found that PGW connects with BMSC and Content provider by using SGi interface.
Can anyone please help me to understand what is the purpose behind having SGi ?