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UE Context at Source(old) MME

+3 votes

Hello all, After completion of successful handover whether old/source mme will remove its UE context or not??????? If possible please provide spec details

posted Oct 17, 2016 by Mohanraj R

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1 Answer

0 votes

If you look in S1-handover call flow drawn in 23.401 spec, source MME initiates delete the UE context by using the "Delete Session Procedure" while UE context at the eNodeB deleted when MME sends "UE Context delete command" message.

answer Oct 17, 2016 by Harshita
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When target eNodeB is not able to allocate resource for all the bearers which comes as part of Handover Request message, it sends handover request ack with partial success since "E-RABs Failed to Setup List" is present in HOReqAck message.
What MME or source eNodeB does in that case ? Does any action taken by MME for the E-RABs which failed to setup at target eNodeB or some other actions taken ?

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As part of S1-AP procedure with MME relocation, Handover Required message sent to source MME. Target eNodeBId is present within the handover required. How source MME figure out target cell is being served by XYZ MME and sends "Forward relocation Request" message to XYZ MME.

Please provide reference also if it is there ?

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