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LTE:: Is it possible to modify multiple APN-AMBR information for single UE at the same time???

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Consider UE has connected with multiple PDN connection each contains an different APN information, when we modify APN-AMBR value for both APNs at the same time in HSS and initiated HSS Initiated Subscribed QOS modification procedure, HSS sends Insert Subscriber data to MME with modified APN-AMBR information of both APN to MME, But MME forwards only first modified APN-AMBR information to S-GW in Modify Bearer Command message.
Please can anyone explain why MME does not forward second APN-AMBR information to S-GW ???. Whether the scenario is right either we can modify multiple APN-AMBR informations of single UE at the same time

posted Oct 13, 2016 by Hamesh Raja M A

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1 Answer

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As per specification 27.272, Insert Subscriber Data procedure can be executed for multiple APN-AMBR modification. Multiple APN-Configuration AVPs can be included within the same "APN-Configuration-Profile" AVP.
After receiving the Insert Subscriber Data Request message, MME triggers Modify Bearer command message for each of modified APN configuration. In this particular case, MME should initiate two modify bearer command procedure, one for each modified APN-AMBR.
Please check the log at MME whether context-Identifier sent within the APN-Configuration is matched or not.
If valid context-identifiers are sent from HSS and MME is not initiating "modify bearer command" message even for both these valid context-identifier then this is considered as bug and need to be fixed.

answer Oct 14, 2016 by Harshita
Thanks for the kind information it really helps me lot. Now, I have another doubt.
When MME initiate two Modify Bearer command message for each modified APN-AMBR then how P-GW behaves in this procedure, whether P-GW sends two update bearer request message to S-GW or how.
In our case when P-GW receives two Modify Bearer Command message for both modified APN-AMBR, As per my understanding then P-GW should send two Update Bearer Request message for each modified APN-AMBR to MME and it should receive response for both the update bearer request message. whether it is right condition
Please give me clarification on this
Yes pgw should give 2 update modify bearer as each request having different context identifier. If pvw is not giving 2 modify bearer then need to check if PGW is triggering 2 CCR with PCRF or not.
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