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Working in proprietary technology can spoil the career, how far it is true ?

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Few of my friends are working in standard technologies which are always in demand. I am working in a proprietary technology. I am curious about my career. Few friends say you are doing new things and few of them say working in a proprietary work can kill your career because it will not give you enough opportunities outside. I asked this question here because so many software professionals are here of different level (junior to senior).

posted Oct 11, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

Actually this is not completely true. One thing everyone knows that if you can get more and can loose depends on the future of the project. If your project in which you are working is deployed then you will get advantage and if it fails then you would in trouble. For the company only business matters, engineers are just resources for them, it is known term "head count".
For the management, everything is business target and money because they have to pay you.
If you are really intelligent then you would be able to find the way to get another opportunity outside based on your skill sets like OS, algorithm and programming. For most of good companies like Microsoft, Amazon technology does not matter only the thing matter is analytical and programming skills.
While there are few other companies which always hire professionals those skill set matches with their requirements. This is true for services based company.
In essence, if you are very good in algorithm and programming no need to worry about the future due to working in proprietary project.
If you are average/above average I will suggest to work in the technology in which many companies work. It will help you change the job.

answer Oct 12, 2016 by Vikram Singh
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