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What is a Pingback? Are Pingbacks good for Blog's SEO?

0 votes
What is a Pingback? Are Pingbacks good for Blog's SEO?
posted Oct 6, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

Pingbacks are a way in which one blogger can link his or her blog to another blog. If you’re talking about pingbacks and another blogger is talking about trackbacks, it makes sense that you’d want to link to that blog, right? That’s why WordPress created the pingback.

As most successful bloggers and SEOs already know, getting more links to your blog is one of the best ways to get more traffic and/or money from your website. Using WordPress pingbacks is a good way to get more links to your blog. If you link to another WP website, you automatically get a reciprocal link back from them, usually on the sidebar or bottom of their page. Pingbacking is kind of like a game of ping pong: you pass an easy link out there, and it will get volleyed right back to you.

answer Jun 22, 2017 by Anurag Kashyap
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