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No Sound On Centos 7 VM, any pointer?

0 votes

I've installed CentOS 7 in a KVM powered VM on my CentOS 6 desktop. I'm not getting any sound.
Google seams to have no clue what to do. How about you?

posted Sep 29, 2016 by anonymous

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I am running VMware player on CentOS 5.4 and its working fine. However it does not allow me to increase the RAM more than 3GB. It keeps throwing error stating- "Requested memory size is greater than allowed maximum of 3072 MB. Could not initiate memory hot plug."

I understand from few threads that 32bit OS has this kind of limitation but I am able to understand why I am seeing this issue when I am using 64bit OS and VMware player is also for 64bit.

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Through VM have installed RHEL6.5 on Windows 7. From VM I can ping other systems, but from other systems I can not ping local VM?

ifconfig shows only 2 interface,
1) etho that is
2) lo that is

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Lets say, I have a system with only 1 core and with Windows OS. Using VMWare I am installing Linux on that. Can I share this core for VM and Base OS?

I mean if we have number of core 4 then in vmware we can assign 2 core. So, 2 Core for Linux and 2 core for windows. But what if I have number of core only 1, or if i have number of core 4 and in vmware I assign 4 core to Linux.

Will it share the core time wise?

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I've installed MuseScore on my C6.6 machine. MuseScore is able to generate a midi sounding playback through the speakers of the active score. I want to capture that sound directly to a file without using a microphone. I want to send individual sound files to each of the members of my quartet with their part only.

Does anyone know how I can capture sound directly to a file? Is there an app for that? ;-)

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Is it even remotely possible to run MacOSX (or Darwin) as VM under CentOS 5.10/ xen? Or am I better off not even trying and just getting a MacMini or MacBook to just jack into my LAN? I just need a 'build box' and possibly something to do light testing (eg does the program run? Does the GUI come up?).

I can cross-build for MS-Windows using mgwin32 and I have VMs for CentOS 6, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, etc. Only MacOSX is missing from the 'mix'.