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How does SMS OVER LTE works?

+4 votes
How does SMS OVER LTE works?
posted Sep 12, 2013 by Ramchandra Sawant

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2 Answers

+3 votes

There are two views on this -

1) (LTE) UE --> eNodeB --> MME --> MSC --> SMSC
2) (VoLTE) UE -->eNodeB -->MME -->IP-SM-GW -->SMSC (SIP Encapsulated SMS Message)

for more details please check

answer Sep 12, 2013 by Salil Agrawal
+1 vote
  • SMS over SGs which actually uses the old CS infrastructure and NAS signalling (TS 23. 272 describes it)
  • SMS over IMS in which the SMS is transported using SIP.
answer Sep 20, 2013 by anonymous