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What happens if there is same PCI for two different bands?

+1 vote

Let say, if cell X had PCI value 22 for 1900Mhz band and cell Y had same PCI(22) for 2500Mhz band. Both these cells are first tier neighbors?

posted Sep 16, 2016 by anonymous

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2 Answers

0 votes


I dont think so there will be conflict, because both are operating in different bands. so there will be no problem.

answer Sep 17, 2016 by Jaganathan
0 votes

Even I have similar understanding that there will not be any impact due to same PCI being used between neighbor cells as both the cells are operating in different bands so there will not be any conflict or interference between these two co-located cells.
Although, in case when both the cells are operating in same frequency having the same PCI would case a lot of interference. PCI selection is another mechanism to avoid such interference.

answer Sep 17, 2016 by Harshita
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Is it possible for operators to use the same PCI’s (physical cell ids) in the same place, but working in different frequency blocks?

+1 vote

For example -

Case A - It consumes less signalling load:

Cell X - Band1 - PCI 22
Cell X - Band2 - PCI 22

Case B - It consume more signalling load:

Cell X - Band1 - PCI 22
Cell X - Band2 - PCI 222

+1 vote

Since vbox has troubles with network latency we want to try pci passthrough of a network card. The docs say we need to "VBoxManage modifyvm "VM name" --pciattach 02:00.0@01:05.0", which means attaching the pci device in question to the guest.
But what about de-taching it from the host? The docs do not mention this at all. Has anybody real experience with this? Do we need to detach the device from the host or does vbox do that automatically in the background when attaching it to a guest?

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