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Telnet to remote system and format output via web page

+1 vote

I would like to create a web app using flask or cgi library (python) along with telnetlib to telnet to specific servers and execute commands and retrieve the output. The output will then be formatted and outputted to a webpage .

Is this the best way of getting info from a remote system to be output to a web page? Is flask over kill for project like this ?

posted Sep 11, 2013 by Majula Joshi

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Is security an issue ? How sensitive is the information you are querying? Must it be Telnet ?

1 Answer

+1 vote

I never used Flask, but most of python web framework provide an easy/quick way of setting up a web application server. So I'd say Flask is just fine.

What concerns me is the telnet protocol you plan to use for remote execution. Do you have any other options ? are you trying to execute on a remote unix like system ?

Anyway if you must stick with telnet, I don't see anything wrong in your plan, Flask + telnetlib should do the trick.

answer Sep 11, 2013 by Sumit Pokharna
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I want to set up a very simple website, and I need to know if it is necessary to use a web framework (e.g. Django) to do basic interactive operations such as receiving input from the user, looking up a database and returning some data to the user.

I know that this is exactly the purpose of web frameworks, and that they work fine. However, I read somewhere that for small projects such operations can be managed without a web framework, just by using Python with mod_python or with the CGI module. Is this correct?

Any suggestions?

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Also since I don't have much knowledge of developing web apps( I am doing it for first time) any another language also so there is another request if someone could give a reference or make me understand that how the requests are handled, i mean what happens when a request arrives to the web application.
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i want to sent a response for my form submit from server to client, that means python flask to javascript. My javascript code is given follows

document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {

chrome.tabs.getSelected(null, function(tab) {
  d = document;
  var f = d.createElement('form');
  f.action = '';
  f.method = 'post';
  var i = d.createElement('input');
  i.type = 'hidden'; = 'url';
  i.value = tab.url;
    request = new XMLHttpRequest();"POST","",true);
    request.addEventListener("readystatechange", processRequest,false);
    function processRequest(e)
    if(request.readyState==4 && request.status == 200)
    var response = JSON.parse(request.responseText);

And my Python server code is follows

from flask import Flask, flash, redirect, url_for, request, render_template,jsonify
import json
import UrlTest
import trainingSet as ts

app = Flask(__name__)

@app.route('/Get Form/',methods = ['POST'])
def GetForm():
request.method == 'POST'
print s
return str(s)

@app.route('/PutValue/',methods = ['POST'])
def PutValue():
request.method == 'POST'
print s
return jsonify(result=s)

if (__name__ == '__main__'):,host='', use_reloader=False)

I want to send the value of s to the javascript client. please help me to send this the value of s.
and if u can suggest the complete code in javascipt and python

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I have a python script (web service with query postgresql/postgis). Up to now, i did several test on my local laptop station (windows).

Now i want to execute this python script on our remote server (Web server : Apache;OS : Linux).

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