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How to control CPU utilization via C/C++/Python Program?

+2 votes

Below instruction will start CPU stress with maximum of 100%,


Below instructions will start CPU stress with near to 0%.


Is there any way to control this? I mean what if i want to start CPU stress of >100% and what if want to start CPU stress with particular number?

Can any one help in programming that? I am looking for C/C++/Python solution on Linux...

posted Aug 18, 2016 by Chirag Gangdev

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You can write a simple shall script which can monitor a process and whenever it goes beyond say 99% just kill the process.

Let me know your thoughts
No Sir, My question is different.
In simple words....I want to create one function which will take 1 argument i.e. how much CPU stress we want to start using our application.
Suppose, if we give call a function with argument as 75 then our application should stress 75% CPU.
If we give call a function with argument as 140 then our application should stress 140% CPU.
Its difficult to write a generalized function as CPU cycle to different machine is different. For example on one machine sleep of 10 nanosection followed by 1000 loops may give 50% usage but the same will result in different usage on different machine.

I am not sure if there is a library function to achieve that but its less likely.

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Could you, please, offer me a simple way of how to encode/decode such a file mostly in C or C++?

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I want to run a command in every 10 minute which should return the maximum CPU utilization of a linux machine in last 10 min irrespective of no. of core present.
Thanks in advance.

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I consider myself a python programmer, although C++ was one of the first languages I learned (not really deeply and long time ago).

Now I decided to retake C++, to broaden my view of the business. However, as I progress in learning C++, I cannot take out of my head one question

Why to use C++ instead of python?

It is not ranting against C++. I was/am looking for small-medium projects to exercise my C++ skills. But I'm interested in a "genuine" C++ project: some task where C++ is really THE language (and where python is actually a bad as initial choice).

The usual argument in favor of C++ (when comparing to python) is performance. But I'm convinced that, in general, the right approach is "python-profiling-(extension/numpy/Cython/...)". At least for a python
programmer. I might be wrong, though.

This is, perhaps, a bit off-topic, but I really want to know the thoughts of experienced python programmers on it.