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Write a C program to check if the given string is repeated substring or not?.

–1 vote

Write a C program to check if the given string is repeated substring or not.
1: abcabcabc - yes (as abc is repeated.)
2: abcdabababababab - no

posted Jul 27, 2016 by anonymous

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Start with subString1 =string (0 to length/2) and
subString2 = string (length/2+1 length ) if both the same then return yes else
devide the string into three and repeat the process. You may repeat the process till length/x is 1.
is abcabcab repeated substring or not?

1 Answer

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using namespace std;

// A utility function to fill lps[] or compute prefix function
// used in KMP string matching algorithm. 
void computeLPSArray(char str[], int M, int lps[])
    int len = 0; //lenght of the previous longest prefix suffix
    int i;

    lps[0] = 0; //lps[0] is always 0
    i = 1;

    // the loop calculates lps[i] for i = 1 to M-1
    while (i < M)
       if (str[i] == str[len])
           lps[i] = len;
       else // (pat[i] != pat[len])
          if (len != 0)
             // This is tricky. Consider the example AAACAAAA
             // and i = 7.
             len = lps[len-1];

             // Also, note that we do not increment i here
          else // if (len == 0)
             lps[i] = 0;

// Returns true if str is repetition of one of its substrings
// else return false.
bool isRepeat(char str[])
    // Find length of string and create an array to
    // store lps values used in KMP
    int n = strlen(str);
    int *lps;

    lps = (int *)malloc(n*sizeof(int));

    // Preprocess the pattern (calculate lps[] array)
    computeLPSArray(str, n, lps);

    // Find length of longest suffix which is also
    // prefix of str.
    int len = lps[n-1];

    // If there exist a suffix which is also prefix AND
    // Length of the remaining substring divides total
    // length, then str[0..n-len-1] is the substring that
    // repeats n/(n-len) times (Readers can print substring
    // and value of n/(n-len) for more clarity.
    return (len > 0 && n%(n-len) == 0)? true: false;

// Driver program to test above function
int main()
   char txt[][100] = {"ABCABC", "ABABAB", "ABCDABCD", "QUERYHOME", "AAAACAAAAC", "ABCDABC"};
   int n = sizeof(txt)/sizeof(txt[0]);
   for (int i=0; i<n; i++)
      isRepeat(txt[i])? cout << "True\n" : cout << "False\n";
   return 0;


answer Jul 31, 2016 by Hasan Raza
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