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MLDv2 Scope for ff30 and ff31 leaving the groups is not sent, why is it so?

+2 votes

0 reserved
1 interface-local scope
2 link-local scope
3 reserved
4 admin-local scope
5 site-local scope
6 (unassigned)
7 (unassigned)
8 organization-local scope
9 (unassigned)
A (unassigned)
B (unassigned)
C (unassigned)
D (unassigned)
E global scope
F reserved

MLDv2 scope with 0 and 1 (ff30 and ff31) MLDv2 report for joining the messages are sent but leaving the group is not sent ? Why is it so?

And Reserved like ff30/ ff3f/ ff33 can not be used when we send a query messages? Reserved in the sense its been reserved for future purpose is it ? Please clarify?

posted Jul 26, 2016 by Vandana B

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