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What are the phases of a formal review?

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What are the phases of a formal review?
posted Jul 21, 2016 by Jdk

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1 Answer

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In any testing project,formal reviews follow a formal process. Formal review process consists of six main steps which are as follows:

1.   Planning
2.   Kick-off 
3.   Preparation
4.   Review meeting
5.   Rework
6.   Follow-up 

I) Phases of a formal review
1) PlanningSelecting the personal, allocating roles, defining entry and exit criteria for more formalreviews etc.
2) Kick-off Distributing documents, explaining the objectives, checking entry criteria etc.3) Individual preparation Work done by each of the participants on their own work before the review meeting,questions and comments4) Review meetingDiscussion or logging, make recommendations for handling the defects, or makedecisions about the defects5) Rework Fixing defects found, typically done by the author Fixing defects found, typically done by the author6) Follow-upChecking the defects have been addressed, gathering metrics and checking on exitcriteria

II) Roles and responsibilities
Manager Decides on execution of reviews, allocates time in projects schedules, anddetermines if the review objectives have been metModerator Leads the review, including planning, running the meeting, follow-up afterthe meeting. Author The writer or person with chief responsibility of the document(s) to be reviewed.Reviewers Individuals with a specific technical or business background. Identify defectsand describe findings.Scribe (recorder) Documents all the issues, problems

III) Types of review
Informal review No formal process, pair programming or a technical lead reviewingdesigns and code.Main purpose: inexpensive way to get some benefit. Walkthrough Meeting led by the author, µscenarios, dry runs, peer group, open-endedsessions.Main purpose: learning, gaining understanding, defect findingTechnical review Documented, defined defect detection process, ideally led by trained

answer Jul 26, 2016 by Shivaranjini
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