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Need to disble the shortcuts in android source

+2 votes

I want to disable the shortcuts in android 4.1.2, Is like while I long press media player is launching. I need to disable this feature from the internal android code. Does any one know where the shortcuts will be registered in the android source. Can any one help me on this part.

posted Sep 7, 2013 by Jagan Mishra

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I need to change the Wifi channel programmatically (Of course, I will enable the Wifi to function as Hotsopt first).
Is there any API/Driver in the source code that I can use?

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Am new to Android. I am doing android app in that i was loading existing web pages into my App using Webview.I did successfully for loading the web pages using Webview.But i need to delete some part of web page content before loading into web view.

Please help me with some sample codes.


+1 vote

My ultimate goal is to create a new lock screen for android so I thought that the best way to do that is to modify the source files that already implement the lock screens in android and particularly in android 4.2 or 4.3. I followed the instructions in and i successfully downloaded and built android 4.3 in my computer. The next step is the modification of some java files. I want to do this with eclipse. I have eclipse 4.3.1 and I am trying to follow the instructions in . The problem is that the instructions are for older version of eclipse and with the new version i cant follow the 5th step as shown below :

  • If Eclipse asks you for a workspace location, choose the default.
  • If you have a "Welcome" screen, close it to reveal the Java perspective.
  • File > New > Java Project
  • Pick a project name, "android" or anything you like.
  • Wait while it sets up the project. (You'll see a subtle progress meter in the lower right corner.)

How can I do this correctly in eclipse 4.3.1 ; If i follow the wright steps will I be able to import all android 4.3 in eclipse without showing any errors? Please help me.

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I have some query regarding criteria of stable binary of android source code project. Please provide me information about release criteria of android open source project on based success rate of performed testing.