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Where To start learning the architecture of Android....?

+2 votes

I wanted to know from where i could start exploring the android architecture, i mean from the base where it starts from the kernels and their design, I wnat to learn the way it is set up so can anyone suggest me any pointer.

posted Sep 6, 2013 by Dewang Chaudhary

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+1 vote

Where can I find the code that takes care of the "notification panel revealed" (notification curtain down) event?
Id like to understand the logic that control the order of appearance of the notifications once you swipe down the curtain...

+1 vote

I wanted to understand NFC architecture in AOSP code. Primarily a block diagram interaction between NFC hardware with Nfc application in /packages/Nfc over JNI. I can see that the JNI portion of Nfc app is trying to connect via some socket.

Not able to find out the other side of this socket connection. I will really appreciate if someone can point me to any document or blog.

+1 vote

I want to modify the specific class/activity that enables the security lock (pin code/ password/ facial recog) when the screen turns on. However, I can not find it. I've been looking at the classes under framework/base/policy/src in the AOSP, but I I can not find what class handles nor can I determine if I'm looking in the correct files. Does anyone have an idea where these classes are?
I want the security lock to behave differently based on some parameters I set. Do not confuse what I'm saying with modifying the characteristic of the lock (pin/passowrd/facial) themselves, rather when it is enabled.