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What should be the key parameter to monitor the performance of specific service say app or website when accessed on LTE?

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What should be the key parameter to monitor the performance of specific service say app or website when accessed on LTE?
posted Jul 1, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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If you are just accessing the app or website, you wont feel any difference between 3G and 4G. But it comes basically how it drains your battery while accessing website in 4G compare to 3G. If you are just reading a website then 4G wont drain a battery compare to 3G if operator has intelligent ENB.

If you are downloading you can see the performance of service based on downloading time.

answer Jul 1, 2016 by Jaganathan
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Is there any benchmarks or 'performance heuristics' for Hadoop? Is it possible to say something like 'You can process X lines of GZipped log file on a medium AWS server in Y minutes"? I would like to get an
idea of what kind of workflow is possible.

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We are using git-1.8.2 version for version control. It is an centralized server and git status takes too long

How to improve the performance of git status

Git repo details:
Size of the .git folder is 8.9MB
Number of commits approx 53838 (git rev-list HEAD --count)
Number of branches - 330
Number of files - 63883
Working tree clone size is 4.3GB

time git status shows
real 0m23.673s
user 0m9.432s
sys 0m3.793s

then after 5 mins
real 0m4.864s
user 0m1.417s
sys 0m4.710s

And I have experimented the following ways
- - Setting core.ignorestat to true
- - Git gc &git clean
- - Shallow clone €“ Reducing number of commits
- - Clone only one branch
- Git repacking - git repack -ad && git prune
- - Cold/warm cache

Could you please let me know, what are the ways to improve the git performance ?

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I am using CentOS 6.4 on 4 servers, guests are also CentOS 6.4

Network is setup using virtio, and vhost, this works well but sometime I see connection issue from application to DB.

I found that sometimes latency increases from 0.200 ms approx to 123ms or even more sometimes, this happens only for 1-2 packets but keep happening after sometime.

CPU load remains under 1, CPU usages is around 20-30%.

If I ping from host machine to host machine then there is consistent latency, this only happens when ping from a guest machine to either other guest machines or a host machine.

Did anyone face similar issue?

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