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How SeNB will respond when UE sends Measurement report for event A2?

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How SeNB will respond when UE sends Measurement report for event A2?
posted Jun 20, 2016 by Gnanendra Reddy

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1 Answer

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When UE sends measurement report to eNodeB for the measId associated with A2, source eNodeB usually sends rrc connection reconfiguration for the event A3 to get the measurement report of measId associated with A3 event. As soon as A3 is reported by UE, source eNodeB initiates handover procedure for that UE.

answer Jun 21, 2016 by Harshita
What will happen if SeNB already sent event A3 configuration with A2 configuration before it receives event a2 measurement report?
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+1 vote

Hi Folks,

Can you explain me when we will prefer A2 and A3 events for measurement report?
And is there any relation between the events?
What are these Ms,Hys,Thresh,Ofn,Ocn,Mn and how ENb will set these values in the meas config?

Thanks ,


+2 votes

I was going through the measurement configuration sends from eNodeB to UE in RRC Connection Reconfiguration message.
I saw that multiple events have been defined and are used. Couple of parameters are considered to detect entering and leaving condition of an event for example event A1. Now I have a question "Threshold and Hys values are same for all the cell or it may different". Does the standard define the value of all these parameters or network operator defines ? If network operator does then what are points to derive these values ?

+3 votes

If ENB configures some measurement event say A1,A2,A3 etc, take e.g A2 event threshhold as -100Dbm, and serving cell thrs crosses -100 then UE will send A2, after this event UE is still facing signal strength as -100dB over a long period, will UE sends second time A2 event or only once?