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What is the impact of PCI/PSS (Mod3/Mod6) Collisions in FD-LTE technology?

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What is the impact of PCI/PSS (Mod3/Mod6) Collisions in FD-LTE technology?
posted Jun 4, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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In general what I know due to PCI collision, radio interference level will be increased and because of that RLF (radio link failure) and lower throughout results. I observed the similar behavior in my lab during some feature testing. There is a formula known as "Zadoff–Chu sequence" is used for PCI selection. PCI of neighbor cells should be orthogonal to each other.

Please have a look into following reference.

answer Jun 5, 2016 by Vikram Singh
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Can someone explain this -
"The SINR decreases most when the cell has no load and decreases less when the network load grows. The PCI mod 3 conflicts have little impact on user throughput.
In highly-loaded scenarios, the PCI mod 3 conflicts bring insignificant impact and are not the main cause of interference problems. Therefore, the PCI mod 3 conflicts in the case of certain load need to be considered"

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