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how many imsi number a dual sim phone can have?

0 votes

As imsi number will be one even there r many msisdn numbers

posted Jun 3, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes


Dual SIM mobile should have two IMSI numbers, each for a SIM card.

TelephonyInfo telephonyInfo = TelephonyInfo.getInstance(this);
String imsiSIM1 = telephonyInfo.getImsiSIM1();
String imsiSIM2 = telephonyInfo.getImsiSIM2();

You may use the above code to get IMSIs respectively.

Edit 1:
By the way you can get here

Note: I have not tested the code! I hope it works.

Hope this helps.

answer Jun 4, 2016 by Vinod Kumar K V
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