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How to achieve intercommunication between two WAR files which is reside n same server (i.e. tomcat)?

0 votes
How to achieve intercommunication between two WAR files which is reside n same server (i.e. tomcat)?
posted Jun 3, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

Many ways like -
1. Webservics (simplest)
2. IPC i.e. Message Queues, Pipes based on local need
3. Spring Remoting
4. Http requests with esb

answer Jun 3, 2016 by Salil Agrawal
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I have one .WAR to routinely deploy across various Tomcat Instances on different servers.

I believe FarmWarDeployer can only be used within a cluster. From what I understand, a cluster will require a HTTPD server with a mod_jk configured. Would anyone know of a way to achieve this without the need to configure a cluster? We have no desire to change traffic routing to go through an HTTPD as our load balancer handles traffic fine as it is. Ideally, i'd also like the context.xml to be distributable, so changing on one instance will update on all others...but I suspect this will require a cluster configured.

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We have discovered that under the conf/localhost and webapps directories, all of the release directories and xml files can be removed, leaving just the application(s) you want running. I could b wrong but I think this also closes some possible security issues, besides keeping a smart-cookie from playing with the examples ...

However I am totally unclear which (if any) java pieces need to be on a distribution machine. Obviously a source machine needs the Java JDK. On a distribution machine, apache compiles JSP code initially so it needs something.

One person told me the JRE should be enough, but another said that Apache/Tomcat actually comes with it's own compiler, and yet another says to have the JDK. On my Fedora-18 distribution (before I put in the JDK), there is at least one java compiler (/etc/alternatives/javac).

So do we need the JRE or the JDK or can Tomcat work without either on a non-sofware development box?

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I have been searching for an answer to how to set this up. I find a lot of posts on session persistence but none seem to describe how to set it up. Is there a simple explanation out there that tells me how I go about setting up session persistence (with Apache, I would just set up memcached on the db server and configure the memcache module on each Apache instance to point to the memcached and it works). I don't need opcode persistence. I just want the tomcats to either a) direct all session traffic to a single node or b) make the two tomcats aware of all sessions. Can someone point me in the right direction? I am not a java coder, but if code changes need to be made, I can work through it.