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Does iPhone suppports LTE

+1 vote

Does iPhone supports LTE, if yes which version and do we have the LTE band support for India in iPhone?

posted Sep 4, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

LTE support is present from iPhone 5 onward check the following link which clearly defines the countries where LTE support is present for the iPhone. Unfortunately INDIA is missing in the list now someone can understand why Samsung is number one.

answer Sep 6, 2013 by Salil Agrawal
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With the release of iOS 6 and iphone-5 I'm trying to figure out how my app can know if the phone is in LTE mode vs GSM mode.

I haven't seen any updates to the Reachability API which can give whether it is connected to Wifi vs WWAN but I need to know what kind of WWAN connection it is.

Any ideas?

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I want to swap my iPhone-4 for a Galaxy-S3. The Verizon Galaxy-S3 takes sim cards which I don't have one. I have an extra 4G lte sim card but my number isn't on it.

Now in summary the query is how do switch my activated iPhone with an activated Galaxy.

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I'm currently running Ubuntu 13.10, after upgrading from 13.04. A problem that I'm not having is copying photos from my Iphone to the 13.10 machine. I was not having this problem with 13.04. Using the 13.10
machine, when I plug my iphone in, it's recognized, and I can access the folder where photos are stored with no problems, and I can view photos with no trouble. The problem is, when I try to copy photos, using drag and drop, I get a message that says " Not supported at the backend", and the photo won't copy to the 13.10 machine. I have 2 other machines. One still running 13.04, the other running 12.04. I have no problems with either of those two machines. Does anyone have any ideas?

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is it feasible the tethering of an iPhone natively into a virtualized Solaris instance running under VirtualBox ?
Any pointer or link?

Tethering : USB or WIFI connection to iPhone, which then utilises the 3G+ Network, for internet access. USB or WIFI to be done, natively, via VirtualBox (or another VM solution)