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How to Migrate ORACLE Database to MONGODB?

+1 vote

How to Migrate ORACLE Database to MONGODB, please answer with this context?
1. How to migrate multiple tables of oracle to mongodb?
2. How to migrate index associated with table to mongodb?
3. How to migrated tables associated with parent-child to mongodb?
4. How to migrate partitioned tables to mongodbs?
5. How to migrate other objects (sequences,synonyms etc) of oracle to mongodb?

posted May 30, 2016 by anonymous

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I have an application that will store data in a an entity called Department.For this department i will have SUBDEPARTMENT1, SUBDEPARTMENT2 and SUBDEPARTMENT3 Now, I want to store massive data in database.those data are students. In RDBMS.the modelisation is simple. Just having one Entity called department and the 3 subdepartment will inherit from the father department. Can you please tell me how to model this in MongoDB?

I know subCollection but it does not look good because I will have also a collection called department that i will be able to store data in it.

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