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Can technology in Database engines like MySQL, Oracle be changed so they work like Hadoop?

+2 votes
Can technology in Database engines like MySQL, Oracle be changed so they work like Hadoop?
posted May 27, 2016 by Abhay

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Distributed databases have been around for a while. What exactly is the problem you are trying to solve?

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I am running hadoop-2.4.0 cluster. Each datanode has 10 disks, directories for 10 disks are specified in

A few days ago, I modified of a datanode () to reduce disks. so two disks were excluded from, after the datanode was restarted, I expected that the namenode would update block locations. In other words, I thought the namenode should remove from block locations associated with blocks which were stored on excluded disks, but the namenode didnt update the block locations...

In my understanding, datanode send a block report to the namenode when datanode start so the namenode should update block locations immediately.

Is a bug? Could anyone please explain?

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I am looking to the Yarn mapreduce internals to try to understand how reduce tasks know which partition of the map output they should read. Even, when they re-execute after a crash?

I am also looking to the mapreduce source code. Is there any class that I should look to try to understand this question?

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Is there any library or a plug-in to enable the temporal upward compatibility? I want to keep the past records whenever a current record changes.

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Can we use Hadoop as a substitue for ETL tools like Informatica for ETL processes ?

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