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LTE: What is the significance of broadcasting system bandwidth information in master information block (MIB) ?

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When an UE switch on, first it synchronizes (PSS and SSS) with cell and start reading system information. My question is what UE does after getting system bandwidth information from MIB ? What is the significance of this for an UE ? Does UE take different actions based on cell bandwidth ?

posted May 4, 2016 by Vikram Singh

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1 Answer

+5 votes

What is the significance for an UE?
- UE would have information about number of subcarriers once it decodes MIB and that is very crucial for decoding any channels/info..
What UE does after getting system bandwidth information from MIB ? Does UE take different actions based on cell bandwidth?
- After MIB, PCFICH which is carried by 4 REGs evenly distributed across the whole band regardless of the bandwidth will be decoded.
- PCFICH carries the number of symbols that can be used for PDCCH & PHICH i.e. control channels.
The exact position of PCFICH is determined by CELL ID(derived from synchronization) and BW(carried by MIB)
- The rest follows.

answer May 5, 2016 by Bhaskar Kalaria
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What things are considered to calculate the minimum RBs that need to broadcast master information block information ? I am expecting a detailed information to strengthen my knowledge. Thanks in advance.

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At the high level I understand LTE nodes and signalling but want to learn in depth. I read one statement saying " MIB information is scrambled with antenna specific mask". Now I want to understand if an eNodeB supports multiple antennas (saying two antennas) , known as MIMO, then in that case, does an eNodeB sends MIB information into two different frequency spaces ? MIB is transmitted into subframe #0 of each radio frame.
Now I have doubt when we say MIB is scrambled with antenna specific mask before broadcasting and only middle 6 RBs are used to braodcast MIB, then in case of MIMO where multiple antennas are being used to send MIBs. Shall MIB from both the antennas overlap due to same 6 RBs or the same 6 RBs can be used to broadcast MIBs from both the antennas ?

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In sib4 we will broadcast intra frequency cells information, will it help to get cgi info of cells which are we broadcasting in SIB4.

Please suggest.