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Getting Profile Pictures from popular media services

+1 vote

Does anyone have any idea (while knowing someone's name) of how to access (pull) their Profile Picture from media services like Facebook and Linked-in ?

I have seen this in the past where I have created a new account only to find my Profile Picture pulled FB as my new account Picture. So, these sites are getting access in some fashion.

You see, I have a project where we know who the members are, but we don't have pictures for them. Instead of them having upload their pictures, it would be nice if I could to pull them from somewhere else.

So, any ideas, experience, or code?

posted May 3, 2016 by Bob Wise

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1 Answer

+1 vote

I think you are talking about gravatar ( ). It is like your public internet profile.

answer May 3, 2016 by Ahmed Patel
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