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Discontinuous Reception and Discontinuous Transmission used in LTE

+1 vote

What are Discontinuous Reception (DRX) and Discontinuous Transmission (DTX) and what is the use of these two terms in LTE. Any pointer...

posted Aug 30, 2013 by Luv Kumar

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1 Answer

0 votes

DRX is used when bursty traffic(voip) is being used over lte network. when a user uses lte network for voice call, even voice traffic is not contiguous transmission and reception for UE but still UE has to read PDCCH channel of every sub frame to check whether data is present on PDSCH or not. And we know reading control channel is a battery consuming activity so to save battery for UE, DRX is used. ENB rrc layer configure DRX parameter for an UE but don't about DTX from where it is configured.

It will be helpful if someone will explain about DTX. Thanks in advance.

answer Aug 31, 2013 by Vimal Kumar Mishra
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