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Control rate of preemption in Yarn?

+1 vote

I am using the YARN fair scheduler to allow a group of users to equally share a cluster for running Spark jobs. It works great, but when a large rebalance happens, Spark sometimes cant keep up, and the job fails.

Is there any way to control the rate at which YARN preempts resources? Id love to limit the killing of containers to a slower pace, so Spark has a chance to keep up.

posted Apr 11, 2016 by anonymous

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Similar Questions
+1 vote

How can I track a job failure on node or list of nodes, using YARN apis. I could get the list of long running jobs, using yarn client API, but need to go further to AM, NM, task attempts for map or reduce.
Say, I have a job running for long,(about 4hours), might be caused of some task failures.

Please provide the sequence of APIs, or any reference.

+1 vote

How a job works in YARN/Map Reduce? like navigation path.

Please check my understanding is right?

When the application or job or client starts, client communicate with Name node the application manager started on node (data node), Application manager communicates with Resource manager (on name node) to get resource.The resource are assigned to container. The job runs on Container which is JVM.

+2 votes

First of all, I'm using Hadoop-2.6.0. I want to launch my own app master on a specific node in a YARN cluster in order to open a server on a predetermined IP address and port. To that end, I wrote a driver program in which I created a ResourceRequest object and called setResourceName method to set a hostname, and attached it to a ApplicationSubmissionContext object by callingsetAMContainerResourceRequest method.

I tried several times but couldn't launch the app master on a specific node. After searching code, I found that RMAppAttemptImpl invalidates what I've set in ResourceRequest as follows:

 // Currently, following fields are all hard code,
 // TODO: change these fields when we want to support
 // priority/resource-name/relax-locality specification for AM containers
 // allocation.

Is there another way to launch a container for an application master on a specific node in Hadoop-2.6.0?

+1 vote

I keep encountering an error when running nutch on hadoop YARN:

AttemptID:attempt_1423062241884_9970_m_000009_0 Timed out after 600 secs

Some info on my setup. I'm running a 64 nodes cluster with hadoop 2.4.1. Each node has 4 cores, 1 disk and 24Gb of RAM, and the namenode/resourcemanager has the same specs only with 8 cores.

I am pretty sure one of these parameters is to the threshold I'm hitting: 

but I would like to understand why.

The issue usually appears under heavier load, and most of the time the on the next attempts it is successful. Also if I restart the Hadoop cluster the error goes away for some time.

+2 votes

I happened to run into this interesting scenario:

I had some mahout seq2sparse jobs, originally I run them in parallel using the distributed mode. But because the input files are so small, running them locally actually is much faster. so I turned them to local mode. But I run 10 of these jobs in parallel, so when 10 mahout jobs are run together, everyone became very slow. Is there an existing code that takes a desired shell script, and possibly some archive files (could contain the jar file, or C++ --generated executable code). I understand that I could use yarn API to code such a thing, but it would be nice if I could just take it and run in shell..

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