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Calculate this multiplication in less than O(n) complexity.

+2 votes

here is the sample code of problem :
printf "multiplication= result"
reduce the time complexity by giving a suitable example which must have less complexity than this for large numbers.

posted Apr 4, 2016 by anonymous

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Try to solve it as b^a
actually I need to perform %1000000007 after each step so need any iterative method. In pow() function I used as pow(n%modValue,pow) but it didn't work becuz it is exceeding limit.
Try to use the following formula and D&C with recursion should be O(log n) complexity.

(b^a) mod n = [{b^(a/2) mod n} * {b^(a/2) mod n}] mod n

Let me know if this works for you, if it works I will share the code.
tried recursion method and D&C with  O(log n) . thanks
Do I need to share the code, or you like to share it for the benefit of bigger mass.
okay Sir,I got the  solution and sharing code in answer section

1 Answer

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I was facing the same issue and I used this method for multiplication which reduces complexity to O(log n)

 int  calculatePower(int n,int p)
    int h;
    return 1;
            return h*h;
            return n*h*h;

answer Apr 6, 2016 by Shivam Kumar Pandey
I think u missed the mod part :)
for mod part : use %1000000007 in return statement, like
return (h*h)%1000000007;
return (n*h*h)%1000000007; and change int to unsigned long int because function required to perform very large multiplication.
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