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How to disable devices like bluetooth or wifi at the system level in C code for Android Phone?

+2 votes
posted Aug 29, 2013 by Anderson

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I found a config value in packages/app/Bluetooth/res/values/config.xml and a hide class

  • false
  • android.bluetooth.BluetoothHeadsetClient, this provides HFP client API, such as dial, accept call.

I set profile_supported_hfpclient to true, and remake and flash the system. I write a test app to using BluetoothHeadsetClient API, and it can dial and accept call. However, the voice is not working when calling. The speaker doesn't make sound, and the voice received by mic isn't transferred by Bluetooth SCO.

So does android support HFP client fully? How can I make voice works well

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I want to convert my android phone to a wifi repeater programatically and without rooting the phone. Can anyone help me with this?

Any help would be great (not looking for manual change of phone to HotSpot, or adding network but to do it programatically)

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I need to change the Wifi channel programmatically (Of course, I will enable the Wifi to function as Hotsopt first).
Is there any API/Driver in the source code that I can use?

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There are two connection, ethernet and WiFi. Ethernet has higher priority than wifi, so connectivity service tears down the lower priority connection. The result is in wifi setting UI, the wifi shows "on", but no APs can be shown and mirracast also can not be used, as both wifi and p2p interface are disabled.

Are there some ways to keep both ethernet and wifi connection?

+1 vote

For my project I need to know that - is there a way to log or capture the cause of android reboot, whether user manually powered off / rebooted the devices or wether system_server got restarted by adb kill or it was watchdog who restarted the device.