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PRS (UE synchronisation) with enodeB

+1 vote

How can UE synchronize PRS with eNodeB?

posted Aug 29, 2013 by Deepankar Dubey

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1 Answer

0 votes

UE uses PRS provided by NW, to be more precise PRS is generated with the same base sequence that is used for also generation for CRS. The PRS is created with the use of length-31 Gold sequences. Please check TS 36.211 (v.10.2.0) section 7.2 for more details.

answer Sep 2, 2013 by anonymous
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As i know PRS signal is used to find the position of the UE ,but how this mechanism works anybody have ant idea?

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Can I change tracking are code on the fly for a cell/eNodeB ? If yes then what will happen with the connected/idle UEs ?

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From UE capability Information enodeB will get to know the max DL/UL MCS supported by UE. Then How UE knows the max DL/UL MCS supported by enodeB.