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How to select more then three tables values in single query in MYSQL?

+1 vote

Joiner using how to get three tables value fetching from single query.

posted Mar 15, 2016 by Karthik Surya

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You can run the multiple join but could not get your query. Can you explain more so that I can answer accordingly...

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I'm noticing that across our several databases and hundreds of tables that column definitions are not consistent. I'm wondering if there is a tool or query (using INFORMATION_SCHEMA perhaps) that will show me all databases, tables and columns where they don't match (by column name).

For example in one table foo_id might be UNSIGNED and in other's it is not. Or maybe it's INT(11) in some and INT(10) or worse MEDIUMINT in others. Or extending further Charset/Collation might mismatch and be that stupid "latin1_swedish_ci" and fixed to be "utf8" in others.

Stuff like that. I want to see everything where there is some difference.

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