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How to check spf record of a domain?

+1 vote

I want to check the validity of an email domain via SPF check, how can I check spf record of a domain.

posted Feb 26, 2016 by Salil Agrawal

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Are you asking to check spf record of   email domain to check its validation like (to resolve issue of spam/junk)? if yes then there are so many sites who provide such details.
I am looking for an API or do we have the way to find it in Linux ie in the form of dnslookup or something similar

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Please help as I need to move QueryHome DNS service so want to know this in detail?

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My system is set to go directly to the OpenDNS name servers for DNS resolution. However, the results I get from "nslookup" differ from what I get if I query the same name server from another machine with the same resolv.conf settings.

That leads me to believe that DNS info is being cached locally somewhere. I don't have bind or nscd installed.

Where is this caching taking place and how can I clear/flush it?

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I used to have opendns set up as my DNS.

network manager still has opendns IP addresses in the relevant entry of the gui. Also /etc/network/interfaces has the opendns IPs.

However, this has stopped working and I appear to be using my ISP DNS

How do I get back to my previous situation of using opendns?

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