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Bearer resource allocation reject with cause request rejected by Serving GW or PDN GW

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Bearer Resource Allocation Request with qci=x send from UE to Network. but that qci is already present in one of dedicated bearer then pgw is sending reject w.r.t Bearer Resource Allocation Request .From MME side we are sending BEARER RESOURCE ALLOCATION REJECT with cause " request rejected by Serving GW or PDN GW ". Then again UE is triggering BEARER RESOURCE ALLOCATION REQUEST.

we tried with cause " insufficient resources with timer value " then also UE is triggering BEARER RESOURCE ALLOCATION REQUEST.

so , how we can stop the trigger of BEARER RESOURCE ALLOCATION REQUEST once it get rejected from network.

posted Feb 24, 2016 by Pankaj Kumar

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Are u using actual UE or UE simulator ? If possible then share the wireshark logs.
No I am using TM500 and telnor dongle as UE. If  you don't mind will you please share your email id with me so that I will share the wireshark log with you.
Hi Pankaj,

               My email id -
               Please send wireshark logs, it can help me to pinpoint the problem/issue.

Hi Pankaj, I went through the logs and observed the behavior that UE re-send the Bearer Resource Allocation Request after 8 seconds from the request sent previously.
This is the case of Timer 3480 expiry. Ideally UE should stop the Timer 3480 soon after receiving the Bearer Resource Allocation Reject message. Please verify from the UE's NAS layer log for whether UE is stopping the timer or not. If not then it could be a potential bug in UE side and if it is stopping then verify what causing to initiate this procedure again.
Hi Vimal, It is our mistake from MME side. From MME side while preparing BEARER RESOURCE ALLOCATION REJECT we have to keep the EBI = 0  & PTI = Value received in BEARER RESOURCE ALLOCATION REQUEST but we are filling the wrong value for EBI that's why we ended up with this scenario.

Thanks anyway for your quick response and cutting time from your busy schedule for my post.

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