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How We can get diff between two tags or branches in git?

+1 vote
How We can get diff between two tags or branches in git?
posted Feb 4, 2016 by Amit Kumar Pandey

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1 Answer

+1 vote
Best answer
$ git diff tag1 tag2

or show log between them:

$ git log tag1..tag2

sometimes it may be convenient to see only the list of files that were changed:

$ git diff tag1 tag2 --stat

and then look at the differences for some particular file:

$ git diff tag1 tag2 -- some/file/name

A tag is only a reference to the latest commit 'on that tag', so that you are doing a diff on the commits between them.

answer Feb 4, 2016 by Manikandan J
Thanks for answering, How we can git diff of all files between two branches
compare files from two different branches:

git diff can show you the difference between two commits:

git diff mybranch master -- myfile.cs
The same arguments can be passed to git difftool if you have one configured.
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