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Informatica: How to get EVEN & ODD numbers separately?

+2 votes
Informatica: How to get EVEN & ODD numbers separately?
posted Jan 20, 2016 by Sunil

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1 Answer

0 votes

By using the condition in router transformation drop the required ports into router t/r add one group
even mod(empno,2)=0 ------Target1
defaultgroup -------------Target2

answer Jan 21, 2016 by Manikandan J
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Write the function READ, which is passed two double pointers pointing to the head pointers of two linked lists.

One list will hold even integers, the other one will hold odd integers. READ reads a series of integers. It separates adds odd integers to the first list, and even ones to the second, all in sorted order.

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If you have an array with random odd and even numbers, what is the most efficient way to put all even numbers on one side and all odd numbers on the other side of the array?

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How to find prime numbers in Informatica PowerCenter?

I tried but it need some loop condition to check.

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My question is very similar to the one below, but on a informatica environment:

Retrieving the index of an inserted row

Here is a brief summary of the issue: I'm trying to figure out how I can insert a row into a table and then find out what the value of the auto_incremented id column was set to so that I can insert additional data into another table. Our target is SQL server 2008. We have a table which has to be populated by informatica ETLs and the application is also using the same table - so, we can't use informatica sequence generator.

In the past when I have used Oracle database, there was a Oracle sequence generator transformation available in Informatica - but for SQL server, I am not sure.

Any solutions please?

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