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What is CSG subscription data at HSS?

+2 votes

How CSG subscription data is interlinked between HSS and MME and how HSS is authorizing?

posted Jan 19, 2016 by Vakati Abilasn

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Based on the 3GPP 29.272, the IDR (Insert-Subscriber-data Request message) is generated by the HSS to the MME to update the subscriber profile in the MME and/or requesting subscriber info such as location-information, subscriber state...
However the SUBSCRIPTION-DATA AVP containing the of profile to be added or updated is defined as Mandatory.
What should contain this AVP if the IDR is sent only for requesting subscriber-info without updating the subscriber profile.
Should ot be present without any nested AVP under it?

+2 votes

at purge UE request message UE purged in MME flag is set due to MMI interaction,what does MMI interaction mean?