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How to create a session in PHP? How to set a value and remove data from a session?

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How to create a session in PHP? How to set a value and remove data from a session?
posted Jan 13, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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$_SESSION is a special array used to store information across the page requests a user makes during his visit to your website or web application.

Starting a Session and Storing a value in Session
Before you can to store information in a session, you have to start PHP’s session handling. To start the session session_start() is used -

// start them engines!
// store session data
$_SESSION["username"] = "QueryHome";

session_start() starts the session between the user and the server, and allows values stored in $_SESSION to be accessible in other scripts later on.

Retrieving a Session Variable
You call session_start() again which continues the session in another file and you can then retrieve values from $_SESSION.

// continue the session
// retrieve session data
echo "Username = " . $_SESSION["username"];

Ending a Session Variable
To delete a single session value, you use the unset() function:

// delete the username value

Ending all the session variable
To unset all of the session’s values, you can use the session_unset() function:

// delete all session values
answer Jan 16, 2016 by Vrije Mani Upadhyay
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I am having trouble with session vars. I'm trying to implement the credit card direct pay method outlined here...

Basically, page 1 is my form that goes outside my site to the cc gateway company then comes back with a result... (PG2)

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