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Which jdbc driver class is used by ojdbc14.jar and jconn-7.0 jar?

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Which JDBC Driver class is used by ojdbc14.jar(Oracle11g) and jconn-7.0 jar(Sybase ASE 15.7) ?
As we know there are 4 different types of JDBC Driver types are present, such as

  1. JDBC-ODBC Bridge Driver
  2. Native-API Driver
  3. Network Protocol Driver
  4. Thin Driver
posted Jan 4, 2016 by Chinmoy Padhi

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I think u need type 4 driver for both oracle/sybase ( ). Not sure If I understood the question correctly.
Thanks Salil,
Basically I want to know the above jars falls into which JDBC Driver Types.
ojdb14.jar from Oracle, probably with a "thin" jdbc configuration, which means type-4 driver configuration. To confirm please read the manual :)

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