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cvs corrupts file while tagging [CLOSED]

+1 vote

I'm facing to a strange problem: cvs corrupts rcs file while I'm trying to tag it. The file itself is about 50Mb (and it's binary) and rcs file is about 2.1G.

Every time I launch

 cvs rtag -B -a -F -r 1.526 -b "my_tag" project/file.bin

rcs file turns from 2.1G into 110K file with completely lost history and file itself. All other operations (commit, update, etc) works fine. This is the biggest file in repository and the only file with such behavior on tags. Others are working fine.

closed with the note: None
posted Aug 20, 2013 by Abhay Kulkarni

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2 Answers

0 votes

Is the repository mounted on a shared drive? Check the sticky tags on the file to ensure it has the binary tag applied (-kb).

answer Aug 21, 2013 by Satish Mishra
Yes, the file has binary tag. In cvs log I can find : keyword substitution: b
0 votes

Finally I found the rootcause. It looks like a limitation in 32bit version. I tried to make the same operation on another host with 64bit cvs and it finished successfully.

answer Aug 21, 2013 by anonymous
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