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How to set the values for existing Profile Options in Oracle Apps?

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How to set the values for existing Profile Options in Oracle Apps?
posted Dec 2, 2015 by Archana

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1 Answer

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As System Administrator, you can use the Define Profile Values window to set profile options for your user community. If you change a user profile option value, your change takes effect as soon as your users log on again or changes responsibilities.

Profile option values are cached. Setting or un setting a profile option value raises a cache invalidation business event. When this event is processed, the middle-tier profile cache is invalidated. If this business event takes an unusual amount of time to process, the invalidation might not occur as expected. In this case, the profile option cache can be cleared manually by navigating to Functional Administrator (seeded responsibility) > Core Services > Caching Framework, selecting the cache object 'PROFILE_OPTION_VALUE_CACHE' , and clicking the Clear Cache button

You can also view how site-level profile options are set using Oracle Applications Manager (Site Map > Monitoring tab).

When you set a user profile, you provide Oracle E-Business Suite with standard information (such as printer) that describes a user, responsibility, application, or site. You can set values for user profile options at each profile level.

For the Security, Organization, and Server hierarchy types, the following describes how option settings are used:

Site: All users at an installation site.
Application: All users of any responsibility associated with the application.
Responsibility: All users currently signed on under the responsibility.
User: An individual user, identified by their application username.
Server: An individual server.
Organization: A particular organization.

answer Dec 2, 2015 by Amit Kumar Pandey
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