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Access application using domain name instead of ipaddress

+1 vote

I have cPanel servers which runs on tomcat 7 and installed necessary modules.

But I wanted to know how to access the deployed application using domain name instead of http://IP_address:8080 ? where should change the configuration part?

I have created the domain and assigned dedicated IP address and installed servlets from cPanel.

posted Aug 17, 2013 by Majula Joshi

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1 Answer

+1 vote

Anyhow, Tomcat in its default configuration will listen on all interfaces and it doesn't matter what hostname (or IP address) you use to access it: you will get a response no matter what (assuming no firewall, etc. is in the way, etc.). If cPanel has changed this configuration, we'll never know so you'll need to ask your provider about that kind of thing.

If you've already set up DNS properly, then Tomcat itself should have no problem. What happens when you just try to visit http://yourhostname:8080/ ?

answer Aug 19, 2013 by Seema Siddique
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Now i tried same in private window but i can't able to read a single cookie info.

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