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What is the periodicity of the SIB10 and SIB11?

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What is the periodicity of the SIB10 and SIB11. The periodicity for both the SIB's is same or different.

posted Nov 18, 2015 by M.chandra Sheker

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2 Answers

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As per 36.508 Rel 8.5

SIB 10, SIB 11 periodicity is defined as 64 for the 1.4 and 3 MHz. For rest of the cases it is 32.

SIB10 & SIB11

answer Nov 19, 2015 by Salil Agrawal
whether those values are constant or configurable, if configurable how to configure?
Should be fixed but these things has been changed in later releases as I dont find the reference in the Release 11 (please cross check the specs)
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I don't think these are fixed.

SIB-10 and SIB-11 carries ETWS primary and secondary information. The periodicity of these SIBs are obtained from an IE schedulingInfoList which is present in SIB-1.

answer Dec 1, 2020 by Manje Gowda K.r.