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CLR to MME during CSFB

+3 votes

When CSFB start, the UE registers to the SGSN which initiates MAP-ULGPRS to the HLR.
At this point, does the HSS sends CANCEL-LOCATION (CLR Diameter s6a) to the MME?

In the same context, when the UE returns to LTE, does the MME set the "Skip Subscriber Data" flag (part of the ULR flags to indicate that the HHS may skip the subscription data in the ULA?

posted Nov 9, 2015 by Michael Semama

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Suppose MME is getting CS call notification for MSC then How MME will notify to UE when
1. UE is idle mode. ?
2. UE is in connected mode?

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How UE latch to the UTRAN in CSFB?Say UE connected to LTE and when UE wants to make an call then it has to move to UTRAN, in this scenario how UE leaves LTE and connects to 3G/2G. can anyone explain in detail with call-flow.

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Assuming one case when UE was in LTE network and data transmission was ongoing. Due to incoming voice call, UE leaves LTE network and moves to legacy network to finish voice call. I want to know what will happen with ongoing data session in LTE network.
Does the LTE network deletes UE context ? Does the LTE network buffers UE data coming in downlink direction ? Or UE establishes voice as well as data session is legacy network and he continues voice and data services (less through due to legacy network speed) in case UE and legacy network both support DTM (Dual transmission mode) ?

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