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what are Functions and its type in Oracle apps?

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what are Functions and its type in Oracle apps?
posted Nov 4, 2015 by Archana

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1 Answer

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A function is a part of an application’s functionality that is registered under a unique name for the purpose of assigning it to, or excluding it from, a responsibility.

What are the Function Types?

There are two types of functions:

a] Form (Form Function)

A form function (form) invokes an Oracle Forms form.
Form functions appear in the Navigate window and can be navigated to.

b] Subfunction (Non–Form Function)

A non–form function (subfunction) is a securable subset of a form’s functionality: in other words, a function executed from within a form.
Subfunctions are frequently associated with buttons or other graphical elements on forms.

Forms vs. Subfunctions?

Forms appear in the Navigate window and can be navigated to. Subfunctions do not appear in the Navigate window and cannot be navigated to.
Forms can exist on their own. Subfunctions can only be called by logic embodied within a form; they cannot exist on their own.
A form as a whole, including all of its program logic, is always designated as a function. Subsets of a form’s program logic can optionally be designated as subfunctions if there is a need to secure those subsets.

Advantages of Form Functions

If you want to open the Form in different modes without creating the copies, we can create a Form Function and pass the parameters based on the requirement. The parameter, which is passed in the form function, must be already defined in the form while designing the Form. A menu can be assigned to more than one Responsibility. If you want to restrict some of the Forms from a particular responsibility, we can include Form Function of those Forms in Menu Exclusions of the Responsibility.

What are the standard function types?

FORM                                    — Oracle Applications form functions are registered with a type of FORM.
SUBFUNCTION                   — Subfunctions are added to menus
JSP                                        — JSP functions
WWW                                     –PL/SQL functions
WWK                                      –PL/SQL functions that open a new window
WWR or WWL                      –used for some products in the Oracle Self–Service Web Applications
WWJ                                      –OA Framework JSP portlet
SERVLET                              –Servlet functions
DBPORTLET                        –Database provider portlet
WEBPORTLET                    –Web provider portlet
answer Nov 4, 2015 by Manikandan J